Variable Data

​Variable Data Printing

A Market of One

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows you to change text, graphics, and images so each printed piece is personalized and specifically created for each customer in your database. When properly executed, the Direct Mail Association indicates a VDP open and response rate of 6% compared to traditional, mass-produced mailings, which typically post only a 2% to 3% open and response rate.

Personalized customer mailings encourage your customers to take action. A message that uses their name and has images related to their interests is definitely more inviting than the same generic message that can be found in their neighbors’ mailboxes. Personalization catches your customers’ attention, and it also encourages them to respond to your message more quickly. A shorter response time has greater impact on your bottom line.

Let Alliance, your printing ally, show you how VDP can help you create an even stronger relationship with your customers through customized printed materials.

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